Finance, loans, investment-Economic Categories

Finance, loans, Investment-Economic Categories, the definition of the set of economic relations that are formed in the process of creation, distribution and use of public finances, such as the source of the money used. For example, there are two definitions of Finance on "theory of public finance": 

1) "... Finance reflect the economic relationships, the establishment of the Fund's money sources, distribution and redistribution of National turnover by the dissemination and exploitation of the "." This definition is given; the universal character of the relationship in relation to the conditions of capitalism as commodities for cash 

2) "make the establishment of decentralised finance main screen money sources, the relative economic relationships with the dissemination and exploitation, is used to carry out the provisions and obligations of State functions and also lays down conditions of widening more production". This definition is without environmental action will be shown. We share in part because public finance explanation and thought some of the specification is recommended.


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