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imprints-tshirt or silk screen printing features such as it often referred to decades in one form or another. Hand printed from simple methods to suppress a large fully automated, the principle remains the same in essence. A negative image for the figure of the burned on a tight mess that stretches between the frame or "screen". The image itself is not transparent. Ink is the pores along the Maas River, then through the holes with both hands pulled down or automatically forced. To pass, the ink will not let negative and positive image of opaque traces only print done on t-shirts, which were placed under the screen on a glass plate. 

A set of typical printing can be anywhere from $ 8,000 to $ 35, 000 cost. Depending on the number of stations (fields) you are using and the complexity of the press itself. Conveyor belt of Heating required for a dry t-shirt. The exposure, Darkroom and wash station cleared the scene shifted. Printing t-shirts has advantages over other alternative methods are available. It's fast. Between 30-90-t-shirt, one hour from 6 simple color press. can be produced even ink costs at a minimum. However, because it is time consuming to set up and clean up your screen is to calculate the most client companies set a one-time fee for each color separation. The screen is usually stored, which is absolutely necessary, to place emphasis on the customer. Screen printing professionals: a very solid pressure. Ideal for logos and text razor sharp. Ideal for mass production and keep the pressure on prices. Exceptional durability for washing and washing many times before they disappear. Many wash cycles than colleagues how digital Printing (such as by big companies online "print on demand" such as Café press used) will take.


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